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One Billion Rising

On Valentine’s day this year, the Women’s Resource Center and students at  the University of Alabama joined the One Billion Rising campaign. The One Billion Rising campaign was founded by Eve Ensler to raise awareness about global violence against women.  This year in cities across the globe, women came together in flash mobs on Valentine’s day to dance for awareness.  Through the V day flash mobs, women were able to take up public space with their bodies and create community […]

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Real Education for Healthy Youth Act

 This Thursday, Representative Barbara Lee (California) and Senator Frank Lautenberg (New Jersey) reintroduced the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act. This legislation would create the first federal standards for sexual health education and require youth receive comprehensive, medically-accurate, and unbiased information on sexuality and sexual health. In Alabama, schools are not mandated to provide sex education to students. When sex education is provided, the state’s policy requires educators to primarily emphasize abstinence until heterosexual marriage though information on contraceptives must […]

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Here is what I was expecting when I went to see HANSEL AND GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS. A) There would be witches. B) Hansel and Gretel would hunt them. C) It would probably be a better movie than, say, VAN HELSING (the movie that critics seem to be comparing it to most frequently)—because how could it not be? And D) I would emerge from the movie theater with the mixed feeling of annoyance (at what I assumed would be its sexist, […]

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