Sara-Maria Sorentino

Sara-Maria Sorentino

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  • PhD, Culture & Theory, University of California, Irvine

Sara-Maria Sorentino is an Associate Professor of Gender & Race Studies at the University of Alabama. Her research and teaching excavate philosophical connections between anti-black violence, real abstraction, and social reproduction, focusing on the methodological and political challenges involved in routing German Idealism and Marxism through the problem of slavery. She has articles published with RhizomesTheory & EventInternational Labor and Working-Class HistoryAntipodePostmodern CultureTelosdifferencesEmancipationsThe ComparatistPolitical TheologyLaw Text CultureQui Parle, and Society and Space. She is currently working on two books, tentatively entitled Voluntary Slavery: A Contribution to the Critique of Political Ontology (with Tapji Garba), which fashions a new genealogy of will, slavery, and theology, and With What Must Slavery Begin?, which mines the limits of Hegelian-Marxist methods to re-read the problem of racial blackness in the historiography of slavery.