2nd Annual Mississippi International Film Festival

October 21-23, 2011

Please see the press release for the 2nd Annual Mississippi International Film Festival, at which civil rights, history, and race relations will be a top focus during the evening of Fri, Oct. 21st:


1.   Actor and civil rights activist Danny Glover will be at the Festival.  Mr. Glover will speak about—among other things—his new movie Freedom Song (playing at the Festival).

2.   Two of the Mississippi Freedom Riders will be here to speak about racial equality.  The tale of the Riders’ struggle for racial equality is being re-examined and re-told in 50th anniversary pieces on CNN and FOX News.

3.   Dovetailing into #1 and #2 is Mississippi native Myra Ottewell’s film, Mississippi Re-mixed: A Fresh Look at Race Relations in the Deep South. 

In addition to civil rights/race relations, this 3-day festival includes films and shorts running the gamut of genres, including films/shorts by (2) filmmakers from Oxford, Miss., and (4) filmmakers from Louisiana (three from NOLA and one from Shreveport).  You and your students will have an opportunity to interact with filmmakers and actors from across the South and abroad.  Activities include a ‘50s-era hot rod street parade, Halloween costume contests, plus Halloween-themed shorts and movies.  This illuminating experience will foster an appreciation for independent movies, for the profession of filmmakers/actors, for different cultures, and for history as a whole.