Fall 2013 GRS Courses

In the Fall of 2013, In addition to introductory courses in African American Studies and Women’s Studies, Gender and Race Studies offered the following courses:

AAST 352/WS 352 Social Inequality
AAST 395/WS 310 Afro-Caribbean Crossings
AAST 395 Black Politics
AAST 395 Latin America, Film and Society
AAST 401 Black Intellectual Thought
AAST 402 Latin American Fiction
AAST 495/WS 310 Critical Whiteness Studies
WS 430 Women in Contemporary Society

AAST 502/WS 510 Critical Race Theory
AAST 502/WS 510 Gender, Race and Immigration
WS 525 Feminist Theory Major Texts
WS 540 Transnational Feminisms
WS 590 Women and Law